Personal Hair Loss Consultant

Custom Intense Consultation

I want you to never have to guess what works for your hair health ever again, or spend time and resources testing,

With the Hair Health Custom Intense Consultation, you get access to a one-on-one coaching service with me. Together, we’ll develop your customized product packages for hair health and growth. You’ll also get monthly checkups and diet suggestions to address internal issues that might be responsible for your hair or scalp issues.

Healthy hair comes from effective, intentional steps and this intense consultation will provide the support and clear direction you need to achieve this.

DIY with Support Home Treatment Plan

It’s possible to restore your hair’s health without multiple visits to a professional’s office.

And I want you to be able to choose this ease and enjoy hair health with the support of your licensed coach. To do this, I’ve created the DIY support home treatment plan, a custom service for my DIYers.

Within this service, we’ll work together to tackle your hair loss, hair thinning, scalp issues, and hair care/health. You’ll get a customized treatment plan that includes all you need to understand your condition, strategies to help with the problem, diet suggestions to support hair growth from within, products and tool recommendations, and more.

We’ll work via Virtual one-on-one meetings 3-6 times within your customized 12-week plan. Grab this service, if you’ve always wanted to DIY your hair health or save on your tailored solution.

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll make your hair thrive again.

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